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Welcome to the Sanctuary Records website which is an Entertainment and Music type blog which is going to give you an insight, overview and complete understanding of all things Music and Entertainment related.

We are adding new content to this website constantly and therefore if you do have a passion for Music or Entertainment then please bookmaker this website and visit it regularly.

You will find information on all groups, solo artists and bands in the music industry and reviews on their latest albums and information on any up and coming tours or concerts. Plus if you have a keen interest in entertainment then we have all the latest celebrity news stories and we will also be taking a look at many of the new TV shows and films which are due to be released

Music Genres

We are going to be looking in detail at all music genres throughout this website, and below we are going to be giving you an insight into each of them along with an overview of each genre. For more information on artists and tracks and a history of any of them please visit the respective section of our website.

Alternative Music – The first part of this website that you may be interested in vesting is the Alternative Music section which is going to enlighten you to all establish and up and coming artist in that music genre.

Blues – Another well established and hugely popular music genre is of course the Blues, steeped in history we invite you to take a look over our range of articles dedicated to that very topic.

Classical Music – One music genre that we do know a large number of our website visitors have a great interest in is of course Classical Music and it goes without saying that music genre is covered in great detail throughout this site.

Country Music – Another section of this music blog is dedicated to Country Music, with such a large following of fans this is one music genres that we simply had to include in this website.

Dance Music – Each one of our team of writers are somewhat fanatic about each music genre they cover and if that is a description you could use on yourself in regards to Dance Music you are going to enjoy that part of our website for sure!

Easy Listening – Please do take a look at our blog posts if you have an interest in Easy Listening music as our writer who covers that very topic is going to enlighten you all everything that will be happening in that music sector.

Electronic Music – We have recently added an Electronic Music section of this website by popular demand as such as if that type of music is what you have an interest in or tend to listen to that type of most then do pay that new section of this website a visit.

European Music–In this music genre category we will be looking at folk and pop that fits into the European Music scene, which is as popular as every which European based music fans.

Hip Hop / Rap – Both Hip Hop and Rap have seen something of a downturn in their popularity in the last few years, however those are two additional music sectors and music genres that are full covered in our music blogs.

Indie Pop – You are always going to be keeping your finger on the pulse in regards to all that is happening in the Indie Pop music world when you take a good look through and regularly check that part of our website.

Inspirational – You will find that Inspirational music which also covers Gospel music is another music genre which people often became interested in at different stages of their lives.

Asian Pop – Asian Pop has become hugely popular in the last few years, with more and more bands breaking into this very lucrative market place, and this is another type of music covered throughout this website.

Latin Music –Whilst Latin Music is of course huge in some parts of the world, it is a music genre which anyone can suddenly find themselves having an interest in and if you have just discover Latin Music then we have plenty of articles and news stories that will be of interest to you for sure.

New Age – Fans of New Age music are all of a certain age now however that type of music does tend to live with you forever and as such is still as popular today as it has always been.

Opera – Opera music does of course appeal to a certain type of person and/or frame of mind, and whilst not a mainstream type of music genre it is always going to have it own dedicated number of fans.

Pop – The Pop industry is one of the most ever changing sections of the music world and as such keeping up with who is in and who is out is a never ending task, however if Pop music is what you have an interest in we will always be keeping you fully up to date with all things Pop related.

R&B / Soul – There is no need for an introduction to either R&B music or Soul as that music genre has always been popular with music fans and is yet another of the ever growing number of different music genres we are going to be keeping you fully up to date with through our music and entertainment blog posts.

Reggae – If you are an avid fan of Reggae then please do have a good look around our website and visit the section of this site that is dedicated to that very music genre.

Rock – There are Rock fans in every single country of the world and as such this is one of our most visited sections of the website which we are confident you will enjoy visiting if you love Rock music.


The second main section of our website is dedicated to the world of Entertainment, and to give you some ideas of what we will be covering in that section of the website, below is an overview of several different categories.

TV Shows – Keeping track of established TV shows and also being aware of any news ones being filmed or that are in the pipeline is something we are going to let you do in our dedicated TV Shows section of the website.

Films – Keeping track of which stars and celebrities have been signed up for the latest films is always a time consuming task, however our film category of our website will keep you fully up to date with all soon to be released films and any potential blockbusters too.

Award Ceremonies – The annual awards ceremonies for stars of the big and small screen as well as those involved in the music industry is always of interest to a lot of people and as such if you want to know who’s hot and who’s not then this is another part of our website you really should visit.

Celebrity News – We have a team of writers who are always keeping track on celebrities and therefore will be brining you daily news and information and all of the latest gossip on stars from the entertainment world.