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Please do spend as much time as you like looking around the Sanctuary record website for if you have a passion for music or the entertainment business then you are always going to be kept fully up to date, thanks to our team of dedicated writers and their blog posts.

Privacy Policy

To ensure you have an understanding of how we operate this website in regards to our Privacy Policy, below you will find details of the Privacy Policy that we do have in place throughout this website.  You require any additional information of clarification on any part of the Privacy Policy then do feel free to make contact with us.

Cookies – Cookies are in use on this website and we will be placing en on your computer or the mobile device you have used to visit this website from when you first pay a visit to this website, that cookie will be placed on your computer via the web browser that you have chosen to visit this website that cookie can be removed from your computer or mobile device at any time.

Links – Any links you will find on this website can and will either lead to another page of this website or may lead to a third party website, with that in mind please read through the following section which will let you know what you should do when visiting any third party website.

Third Party Websites – Any third party websites that we have chosen to showcase and link into this website are there as we feel those websites may be of interest to you, however as those sites are not under our direct control then we cannot be held responsible for any of the content that is displayed on those sites.

You should therefore make an effort to read through any privacy policies attached to those websites and if they are offering a service or are selling anything then also read through the term and conditions pages of those websites too and you should also familiarize yourself with those pages, privacy policies and any additional terms and conditions too.

Statistical Data – Any data that our server saves from your visit to this website is used solely to allow us to improve our website and enable us to see which parts of our website are getting the most visits.

The information we may collect includes the country you are visiting this website form, the pages and sections of this website you visit and also the type of web browser and device you have used to visit this website and the operating system on those devices.

Storing Your Information – Any and all information that we do collect or are supplied with from any of our website visitors is always securely stored and will never be passed onto any third party.

If you have signed up for our email newsletter that we make available to our website visitors from time to time and you wish to be unsubscribed from that newsletter you are free to do so at any time. Simply follow the unsubscribe links in those email newsletters and you ill them be removed form that email newsletter database.

How We Use Your Information – The reason way we collect data from our website visitors is to enable us to improve the range of news stories and articles that we feel our website visitors are seeking form this website.

If at any time you wish to make contact us and offer us any suggestions in regards to the content we make available on this website for you wish to offer any feedback on this website then you are of course free to do so and we actively invite you to do just that.

You will find our email address displayed on this website an when you contact us via email we will only use the email you contacted us on and via to reply to any questions that you may have and will not be sending our marketing material to that email address.

Newsletters – We may offer you the ability to sign up to our newsletters and by doing so you will need to supply up with some basic personal information including your email address and name. Please be aware that information you supply will only be used to send you out our newsletter and will not be sold on or passed to any third party companies without your permission.

Updating Our Privacy Policy – Please be aware that we may change or update this Privacy Policy at any time, and with that in mind each tem you do pay this website a visit we would encourage you to take another look through this section of the website to see if we have updated or changed this Privacy Policy in any way.